Play through the classic story and create brand new adventures!

Explore the epic saga

of The Lord of the Rings with
the ultimate adventure card game

Play through the entire The Lord of the Rings saga and explore many lesser-known parts of the classic tale by JRR Tolkien. Build up a collection of more than 1,200 cards and learn to tell new stories!

The collection

Begin the adventure! In each issue, collect 16 cards featuring allies, artefacts and the iconic heroes you know and love. Discover how your cards can be used to create new adventures and forge your own legends. With Issue 1 you'll receive your first 60 cards, including two exclusive foil cards!

Your first 4 issues

Each issue of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game comes with new cards for you to play out your adventure PLUS an exclusive magazine. In the first three issues you’ll receive special bumper card decks and tokens to make sure that you can start playing straight away!

Issue 1

Exclusive foil cards for Frodo Baggins and The One Ring itself, together with two complete decks to play the game, are the start of your collection. This issue’s adventure allows you to get playing straight away!

Issue 2

This issue focuses on introducing the rules for combat, plus full rules reference for player cards. With an exclusive foil hero card for Aragorn and a special double-sided Gollum card!

Issue 3

Continue the adventure with your Tom Bombadil exclusive foil ally card! Plus deck-building tips (for Hobbits), full rules reference for encounter cards and tokens for progress, resources and damage.

Issue 4

You can play this issue’s adventure multi-player or solo, with a look at the rules for both, plus there’s full rules reference for resources and how to play cards from your hand.

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Free issue

Free Issue

You will receive one issue for free when you subscribe to The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game collection! Your free issue will depend on your starting issue.

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Magazine & Card Binder

Magazine &
Card Binder

This fantastic binder comes with collection dividers and will not only store your magazines perfectly, but also comes with a card sleeve to protect each card in your deck.

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Deck Box

Deck Box

This great gift for any living card gamer combines the deck box, an accessories drawer and card holder all in one compact box.

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Embark on your adventures to Middle-earth in style with a new playmat for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game collection! This playmat presents your cards in a cinematic fashion, featuring iconic art from The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game collection while providing a play surface perfect for protecting your cards from stains or spills.

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